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The Toothpaste Tube

Friday, June 11th, 2010

We waste some grammes of toothpaste everytime we trash a tube. I made a little test:

I emptied a tube of toothpaste:


Then I took a sciccors and cut the tube open:


As you can see still a lot of toothpaste left.

I took my kitchen scale and here are the results:

Emptied as much as possible

Weight : 13 g

Weight after the tube was rinsed: 8 g

Difference: 5 g

Corresponding to 4 % wasted toothpaste

Weight of full tube: 121 g

Weight of rinsed tube: 8g

Weight of toothpase: 113 g

The more effort is put in emptying the toothpase tube the less waste. The example is generic and can be deduced to any tube we use. By thinking of it, we will reduce the load on our dumping grounds and the ressources used to produce the product.

As mentioned earlier the amount of waste from the tube is your responibility. If the tube is designed in a way that causes excess waste then perhaps you ought to find an alternative. Please post your examples.