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Christmas – tealights

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

During christmas we used tealights. It was a brand we have used previously. Much to our surprise the tealights were lousy. They could hardly burn and as you can see from these pictures they left a lot of unused stearin.



Needless to say – but this was the last time we used this brand.


Friday, June 4th, 2010

Recently I trashed my shaver. It had served me for several years and the reason for trashing it was the rechargeable batteries was leaking.

The reason for this post is another – the cord. After a few years I was unable to get any power to the shaver. The reason was the plug for the shaver. The box I kept the shaver in made a sharp bend on the cord right above the plug. This caused the wire to break.

I had another cord from an older shaver and from that time I no longer kept the cord in the box. The shaver served me for many years after that.

Wastegeneration: 1 meter of copper and plastic.